Knowledge Worker Projects Vs. Manufacturing Projects OR Industrial Work Vs. Knowledge Work

Difference between Knowledge Worker Projects & Manufacturing Projects? The following table presents a comparison of Industrial Work Vs. Knowledge Work:

My Two Cents About Knowledge Worker Projects

The communication & collaboration required for knowledge worker projects are often more uncertain and less defined than in Industrial Work. As people applied Industrial Work Techniques to knowledge Worker Projects, Frustration – and Project Failures – Increased and …

Lean Principles, Kanban Method & Agile Practices were developed in response. These methods collected Knowledge Worker Techniques & Adapted them for use on Projects, starting with software development initiatives but then later applying them to other knowledge worker projects.wwwh

This development of Agile Methods took place over many years and was done by different people. As a result, we have inconsistencies in terminology and multiple methodologies. For example, Scrum calls its time-boxed development efforts“Sprints”, while Extreme Programming (XP) calls them “Iterations”.

History – Revolution through Evolution

Agricultural Revolution

Initially, humans wandered the earth as hunter-gatherers. When people started planting crops and herding First let us discuss a little history that is not tested on the exam but does help set the scene. Initially, humans wandered the earth as hunter-gatherers. When people started planting crops and herding animals, it changes society and work. This was the agricultural revolution. As a result, people wandered less, and they lived and work in one place.

Industrial Revolution

The next big revolution came with the development of machines and factories when people left there farms and villages to move to cities. This was the Industrial Revolutions, which eventually led to the development of many of today’s project management ideas, including Gantt Charts, functional decomposition, and localized labor. In turn, these developments led to the creation of tools like the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS).

Information Revolution

The latest major revolution – Which we are in now – is known as the Information Revolution. This revolution is focused on information and collaboration, rather than manufacturing. It places value on the Ownership of Knowledge and the Ability to use that Knowledge to create or Improve Goods & Services.

The Information Revolution relies on Knowledge Workers. These are people with Subject Matter Expert Who Communicates their knowledge and take part in Analysis and/or development efforts knowledge workers are not only found in IT industry; they are also Engineers, teachers, scientists, lawyers, doctors, and many other employees today. In fact, Knowledge Workers have become the largest segment of the Workforce in the World.

Why do I Suggest Private & Public Organizations to Focus on EI & EQ in New Hires & Hired Workforce?

  • To increase awareness of Emotional Intelligence (EI) as an important factor which impacts the working performance. It is not important only educational degree, there is also educational grade or the level of IQ to ensure that the employee will have great working performance, and in order to have a smarter employee, it is also important the level of Emotional Intelligence as a psychological factor.
  • To the fact that the Level of Emotional Intelligence (EI) can be improved, and the company needs to organize training and need to provide training materials from the different literature regarding Emotional Intelligence (EI) and the importance of changes for any success in business.
  • To build system for recruitment of future potential employee, with ensuring from the beginning that they are going to hire the right person for the right position together with the right level of EQ where the specific position may require.

Importance of EQ & EI in Your Workplace

Emotional Intelligence (EI) – is how you combine your thinking with your feelings to build authentic relationships and make good decisions.

Emotional Quotient (EQ) –Strictly speaking, is the measure of emotional intelligence.

EI is the capacity for recognizing our own fillings and those of others, for motivating ourselves and for managing emotions well in ourselves and in our relationship. Humans with high EI:

  1. Can understand your feeling and the feelings of others
  2. Have more ability to deal with others
  3. Have more ability to form Relationships
  4. Have more ability to express different emotions
  5. Can demonstrate more Independence and the ability to make decisions
  6. Shows more perseverance and hard work

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