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Training / Workshop Delivery Modes

Classroom Training

Classroom Training/Workshop

Enroll for Interactive Public Classroom Sessions and Learn from Qualified, Certified, Accredited Trainers & Obtain globally Updation Certification/Credential/Badge

online classroom training

Online Classroom Training

Enroll for Instructor-led Online Classroom Sessions, attend from Anywhere, Learn from Qualified, Certified, Accredited Trainers & Obtain globally Updation Certification/Credential/Badge

Corporate Group Training-Workshops

Corporate Group Training/Workshop/Consulting

Cost Effective & Customized Instructor-Led onsite Private Training/Workshop/Consulting for Small, Medium & Fortune 500 companies. The consulting starts from due diligence and has multiple phases/milestones

hangout agile network

Hangout Agile Global Learning Community (HAGLC) Powered By Diaame Consulting Services

Hangout Agile Global Learning Community (HAGLC) is an initiative to connect the Practitioners & Coaching Professionals using Lean, Agile Practices, Kanban, Scrum, and any other Agile Approaches across the globe.

The objective is to learn and enable each other by sharing experiences and move together by taking the knowledge and skills to the next level. This platform provides an opportunity to present a case study, write blogs and conduct Webinars on Lean, Agile, Kanban, Scrum or any other Agile Approaches. Practitioners help each other in learning Agile and gives equal opportunity to express, share knowledge and learn more about it irrespective of the level of experience. HAGLC has become one of the most popular Agile communities in the globe, dedicated to promoting Kanban, Scrum, Lean & Agile practices and is absolutely a non-profit group. Join us by using the link https://www.hangoutagile.com/register To get the solution for Agile Practitioners Day to Day Business Challenges To get Continuous Learning & Improvement through different experiments For your Professional Development through Evolutionary Approach To share your Transformation Experience with others to hear their perceptions might take you to the next level, Isn’t it? Always hold the Agile Values/Principles, Practice Servant Leadership Skills, Experiment and Move Forward: Individuals & Interaction over Processes & Tools Customer Collaboration over Contract Negotiation Working Software over Comprehensive Documentation Responding to Change over Following a Plan Learn more by using the link https://www.hangoutagile.com/blog

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