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How can we Match Agile Practices to Lean Principles?

Is Agile the same as Lean? When do people say “Agile” do they really mean Scrum? Or do people still use different types of Agile – and if so, why? First, Let us record this in a table format How Agile Practices Match to Lean Principles and then discuss: Lean Lean comes from Lean Manufacturing and is a set of principles for achieving quality, speed & customer alignment (same…

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Agile Kanban Software Development Method Grouped Under WAVE – II

Agile Kanban Software Development

Agile Kanban Software Development: Kanban Development is derived from the Lean Production System used at Toyota. “Kanban” is a Japanese word meaning “signboard”. or Kanban task board as it is also called, plays an important role in the development methodology. David Anderson created the official “Kanban Method”. He took the Theory of Constraints and applied it to the Flow of Software Development. This method is simple and is a super useful Getting-Things-Done (GTD) technique….

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Lean Software Development (WAVE-II) | 7 Lean Principles of Software Development

Lean Software Development

Lean Software Development: The Poppendiecks created Lean Software Development (LSD) by importing lean manufacturing ideas into software development. LSD focuses more on principles and, to me, feels less concrete compared to other agile methods. I really liked the ideas of value stream mapping and trying to follow and reduce waste. I was never able to reconcile one mental model. Product discovery…

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Agile SCRUM – Work Item Ownership / Responsibility of Scrum Master, Product Owner & Development Team

agile scrum methodology

Agile SCRUM: Agile Scrum belongs to the List of Popular Agile Methodologies (WAVE-I) used by the Organizations Practicing Agile. Would you like to see the other Agile Methods in WAVE-I?, Click Here Scrum Teams: Scrum Teams are made up of the Development Team, a Product Owner, and a Scrum Master. Development Team: The Development Team…

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Popular Agile Methodologies used by the Agile Organizations – WAVE-I

Popular Agile Methodologies

Popular Agile Methodologies: Scrum: Scrum is today, somehow becomes the synonymous with Agile founded by Ken Schwaber and Jeff Sutherland. This agile methodology is definitely an improved project management process. It brings rhythm and synchronizes. people all working towards the same goal. I like how Scrum provides a simple. Starting framework that builds trust through incremental delivery. Plan a bit,deliver a…

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