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List of Popular Agile Methodologies used by Agile Organizations

Agile Methodologies

What are the Different Types of Agile Methodologies? Agile started with a simple set of values and principles. I think it is not a good idea to group these methodologies & consider as different WAVES. In my opinion, Some of the methodologies can be tagged into WAVE-I & Some can be tagged under WAVE-II. WAVE-I Agile started with a simple set of values and principles.WAVE-II methodologies…

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What is Agile Kanban? A Brief History

what is agile kanban

Kanban: Kanban (看板) translates to “billboard” or “signboard” in Japanese, and was originally developed by Toyota in the 1940’s. Toyota found a better engineering process from an unlikely source: the grocery store. They noticed that store manager restocked a grocery item by their store’s inventory, not their vendor’s supply. Only when an item was near sellout did the clerks order more….

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