Leaders instill in their people a hope for success and a belief in themselves. Positive leaders empower people to accomplish their goals

Agile Manifesto Value:

As stated in the Agile Manifesto Individuals & Interactions over processes & tools. That is, while there is value in Processes & Tools, We value Individuals & Interactions more. The message here is that while processes & tools will likely be necessary on our projects, we should try to focus the team’s attention on the individuals and interaction involved because of the major reasons listed below:

  • Because projects are undertaken by people, not tools
  • Problems get resolved by people, not processes
  • Projects are accepted by people
  • Scope is debated by people
  • The definition of successfully “done” project is negotiated by people

How can we Lead an Agile Team Effectively?

Early focus on developing the individuals involved in the project & emphasizing productive & effective interactions help set up a project for success.

Based on my Transformation Experience, I believe that Agile is more humanistic than mechanistic. The concept of valuing people goes beyond certain key factors listed below:

  • How we manage the work to be done on the project?
  • How we organize and motivate our team members?
  • How do we assume our role as leaders?
  • How we understand our Team Members Intrinsic Motivation
  • How we Discover, why people want to do things?
  • How we understand What motivates our team & then align their project tasks and goals accordingly
  • Align Project Objectives with Personal Objectives in order to get higher levels of productivity

Management Vs. Leadership

Management has a more mechanical focus than LeadershipManagement is more concerned with tasks, control, and speed. In contrast, Leadership assumes a humanistic focus on people & purpose. Leadership is more concerned with empowerment, effectiveness and doing the right things. Let us see the required Key Focus area for Management & Leadership in the above table.

Closing Thoughts

Does this Means that Leadership is better than Management? Or Can we have just Leadership without Management?

In my Opinion, No, We definitely need the mechanics of Management in place.

But then How do we effectively Manage an Agile Team?

In fact, To be truly effective, we then need to layer Leadership on top of those Mechanics. We can amplify team productivity through a combination of management and leadership.

Do You think it is interesting to go through some activities that Mainly require Management Skills & some other activities that Mainly require Leadership Skills to Lead an Agile Team more effective, Let us do that?

Do You also Agree? Please share your views as comments:

By the Way, Do You Know How do We Achieve this Effectiveness in Agile?

Can we Achieve this Effectiveness through Servant Leadership?, Let us discuss this in the Next Article…

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