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1. The objective is to learn and enable each other by sharing experiences and move together by taking the knowledge and skills to the next level within the boundary of Lean, Agile, Kanban, Scrum, SAFe, Coaching and any other Agile Approaches.

2. We encourage job postings relevant within the boundary of Lean, Agile, Kanban, SAFe, Scrum & any other Agile approach.

3. We encourage the members to post the day to day business challenges to get solutions from your fellow practitioners.

4. We also encourage the members to share their experience to ensure that your fellow professionals get Continuous Learning & Improvement through different experiments and reach the next level of Professional Development through Evolutionary Approach.

5. We encourage the participants to share your Transformation Experience with others to hear their perceptions that might take you to the next level, Isn’t it?

6. We provide a platform for participants to publish their blogs, case studies, transformation experience after reviewing from qualified experts.

7. The membership would be provided after understanding the objectives of the requested professionals along with the submission & verification of the Primary information.

8. We encourage the participation of different levels of experience within the boundary stated above.

9. We encourage the members to conduct meetups, evening talks etc… on behalf of the community. They can request the admins to take the necessary actions.

10. We do not encourage sharing any confidential, copyrighted information in the group and the group admins are not responsible for any such actions. But we do take the necessary actions if in case any such actions happened in the group.

11. We do not encourage any Spam Messages, Promotion including Self-Promotion or Marketing activities except the one conducted on behalf of Hangoutagile Community. Posting just a Link to Your or Your Companies Blog, YouTube Channel or Website is also considered as a form of Promotion.

12. In case of blogs or articles, try to post as much content in your post, rather than a link to avoid this problem.

13. All the group initiatives would be executed using the Agile Approach, Lean Principles, and Kanban Method. The participants interested for volunteering are most welcome irrespective of the experience level.