What Would be the Symptoms for You to Take Action?

Product Owner is the person responsible for maximizing the value of the Product and who is ultimately responsible and accountable for the end product that is built. He is the person responsible for ordering Service Requests to maximize value in a continuous flow or Kanban environment.

Do You have an unclear purpose or mission for the team and facing challenges due to that?

It is the time for you to revisit the Project Charter for Purpose-vision, mission, admission tests.

Do You have an unclear working agreement for the team and facing challenges due to that?

It is the time for you to revisit and modify the charter to ensure that it is aligned with Agile Values, Principles Working Agreements.

Do You have unclear requirements and facing challenges due to that?

This situation gives an indication that You are holding an unclear Product Vision. You need to help sponsors and stakeholders to craft a Product Vision. Consider building a Product Road-map using the specification by example, user story mapping. You should work with the team to clarify the expectation and value of a requirement. Progressivelydecompose road-map into a backlog of smaller, concrete requirements.

Are you facing Work delays/Overruns due to insufficiently refined product backlog items?

It is the time for you to attend a workshop with the team to do the user story modifications together. Consider splitting stories to use smaller stories.

Are you facing Poor user Experience?

You should immediately check whether the User Experience Design Practices included in the development team involve users early and often and do the needful to take necessary corrective actions.

Do You have False Starts & Wasted Efforts in your Retrospective Backlog?

It is the time for you to become an Integral Part of the team.

Are you holding a Product Backlog with Inefficiently ordered Items?

It is the time for the Product Owner to Rank the items with value including the cost of delay divided by duration (CD3) and other value models.

Closing Thoughts

Symptoms, Suggested/Required Troubleshooting Experiments always varies for every project environment because irrespective of the approach used (Agile or Predictive) Project is a temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product service or result and Your Project Environment also would be Absolutely Unique.

Do You Agree?

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